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Students and School Sketches



Matt Tim
Joe Walker Student Contour Drawing Aaron - Joe Walker Patrick
Ernie Mark and Friends Andrew
Pre-School Student Passport Students Joe Walker Art Students
Xavier Del Sur Art Student Xavier
Josh Meghan Joe Walker Art Student
Cuernavaca Lana, Justin, and Friends Chris
Sergio - Joe Walker Del Sur Student - Brandon Melanie - Passport Academy
Kendra Junior High Stylin' Young Teen
Passport Academy - First Year Sheldon - Joe Walker Belden - Valencia HIgh School
Joe WalkerStudent Service Ryan - Joe Walker Table of Art Students - Joe Walker
Ryan - Joe Walker Cody - Del Sur David - Passport
Passport Student - James Joe Walker Students John Queza - Joe Walker
Sleepy Artist - Joe Walker H.G. - Joe Walker Patty
Stacy - Quartz Hill Elementary Quartz Hill Elementary Student Lisette - Valencia H.S.
Tim - Passport Joe Walker Student Beth George
Best Friends - Antelope Valley College Could Be Worse Young Mother - Antelope Valley College
Jason - Antelope Valley College Young Artist Shawn - VHS

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