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"Immortalized...Professional illustrator, Steve Feldman, doesn't remember when he became fascinated with Cindy Betzer's work. . "There is so much mediocre work out there that her exceptional talent and imagination really stood out," Feldman said. Betzer's portraits, at first glance, appear to be realistic portrayals of a subject's features, but on closer inspection there emerges a surrealistic subtext that tells the viewer more."-Los Angeles Times

"Talented and passionate, Cindy Betzer is an artist who helps to bring a strong sense of identity to her work. Cindy Betzer uses her all media style of painting to delve both into the extremely personal corridors of self-identity as well as to commentate on the treatment of women in today's society. When one looks at Cindy's alluring work they are captivated beyond belief by the fantastically surreal images that she creates."-Stephen Franco, Photo Editor, The Crusader

"Cindy Betzer has dedicated herself to the pursuit of art; as an artist and a teacher, fine arts have given her a purpose and joy in life... Betzer's portraits are bold, yet sensitive... The dexterity of execution in Betzer's work is precise yet also psychologically penetrating. There is a sense of mystery infusing her portraits as she includes hidden images that abound throughout her work..." -City of Lancaster Museum Art Gallery





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